The O3 Facial helps smooth out the skin surface, brightens the skin, minimizes open pores, and helps balance excess oil.

Dermalogica Anti Aging

The Dermalogica Anti Aging Facial helps block biochemical triggers that lead to wrinkles, loss of elasticity and tone while firming and renewing skin.

Dermalogica Normal

The Dermalogica Normal Facial is great for normal/oily skin to help reduce control excess oil while hydrating for balanced skin.

Shahnaz Pearl Facial

The Shahnaz Pearl Facial is enriched with amino acids and minerals to help moisturize the skin and improve skin texture and appearance.

Shahnaz Oxygen Facial

The Shahnaz Oxygen Facial provides instant revitalization, using the most powerful level of natural energy. It creates an enriched oxygen layer and helps to transport oxygen molecules directly into the skin.

Herbal Diamond Luxury

The Herbal Diamond Luxury Facial removes dead skin cells while enhancing the appearance of clients with dry skin and helps restores suppleness.